Q-PAR LinkaSat Series

Tactical Satellite Link

The Q-PAR LinkaSat series builds off our FER series that offer full azimuth and elevation range for a Tactical Satellite Link. The Q-PAR LinkaSat series provides software tools to auto acquire a satellite, track a medium to low earth satellite, and auto one touch buttons to move to a pre-programmed satellite of interest. QPARUSA can provide a complete solution to include the antenna, feed, and RF chain in any band you want to operate. QPARUSA also works with system integrators to provide a positioner that works with a customer provided RF payload.

Q-PAR LinkaSat-96LC

Q-PAR LinkaSat-100

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The Q-PAR LinkaSat-96LC is designed to work with Skyware Global Class II or Class III antennas in 1 meter size or smaller. It can be fitted with a Ku or Ka band antenna and provide a one touch deploy and stow solution. QPARUSA can provide the complete system or work with each customer to provide as little or as much of the RF chain as desired.

The Q-PAR LinkaSat-96LC is shown with the Skyware Global 96cm Ku band antenna. Other configurations are available in both Ku and Ka band. Contact sales@qparusa.com for more details.

MSRP: Call for Details

The Q-PAR LinkaSat auto acquire and track satellite terminal provides easy setup, acquisition, and remote management of your satellite communications link. The system comes complete with built in GPS,Compass, Power over Ethernet operation, and web based user interface.

Q-PAR LinkaSat provides push button deploy and stow operation which allows for easy acquire and pack up after deployment is over. The user interface provides tools to manually point,store, and recall satellites. Auto acquire and track is accomplished through an iDirect satellite modem interface or optional AVCOM beacon receiver. X and Ka bands are also available.

Q-PAR LinkaSat is also available in 60cm, 80cm, and 120cm models.