A white machine with a metal basket on it, fitted with radio frequency antennas.
EMC & HiRF Antennas
A gold-colored antenna
Horn Antennas
A reflector antenna
Reflector Antennas
A spiral antenna
Spiral Antennas
A silver-colored antenna with a circular lid
An image of a yellow circular object on a black background, possibly representing a microwave antenna.
Sinuous Antennas
A complicated-looking device
Omnidirectional Antennas
The internal system of a complicated-looking device
ELINT Spinning DF Antennas
A positioner antenna
Positioner Antennas
A system of antennas on a rooftop
Waveguide Adapters
A tower with multiple antennas
Custom & Bespoke Antennas
Big antennas spread over a field
New Products
An American flag with microwave radio frequency antennas.
QPAR Antennas USA is a leading provider in state-of-the-art RF microwave products for defense and civilian applications. QPAR's products supply cutting-edge solutions for aerospace, ground and maritime platforms; offering COTS and tailor-made configurations suited for MIL-STD requirements and a variety of client needs.
The british flag is shown on a white background with microwave radio frequency antennas.